Name: TNO


DOB: 1st January, 1970

Email ID: [email protected]

Roll Number: ART110

Class: EDM

Instructions: Entry of the Artist is only in College Festivals. Surrender an email to TribeVibe in case of booking the artist.


"TNO stands for ""The Neglected Ones"" a DJ/Producer Duo based in Mumbai consisting of Abhishek Rajak & Reneesh Donga. Abhishek Gained Love for Dance Music at the Age of 14 and started his career as a DJ at age of 15, Whereas Reneesh Started his Career as a Music Producer at the Age of 15 with many artists as there role model. there musical style varies between House, Deep house, Progressive, Electro House, Futurehouse, Bigroom, Trap, Hardstyle, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Rock and Retro. Abhishek has a very unique ability to read the crowd to determine the vibe at any given event utilizing his deep understanding of dance music, and the relationship between the people and the music. In 8 years of his DJing career he has worked with many renowned dj’s in the Industry, and been an In-house DJ for many Venues in Mumbai. Apart from this, Reneesh is Founder member of one of the Biggest Record Labels in the world ""CELL Recordings"" With a great ability of knowing Quality music, He Recruited the best tracks out there with some of the great Artist around the world such as Olly James, Alpharock, KEVU, Goldfish & Blink and many more. CELL Recordings is currently the No.1 Free Download Labels in India. With Great DJ and Music Production skills, they combined their alias to form this amazing project ""TNO""


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