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Talent Bookings

Music and comedy are what the new-gen swears by and we have partnered with some of the best artists and comics in the business to show our young audiences a good time. By roping in artists from different music genres like EDM, Bollywood, BDM and Indie along with the wittiest comedic talents from India, we will help you put up a show that will have your seats full. This means making sure every live performance goes by without a glitch and audiences are given what they have been promised. We respect the artists’ and, in turn, they reward us with the performance of a lifetime.

Data Management

Paperwork is something that everybody hates. But we will gladly take it off your hands because we know how important it is. Our team will create a systematic format that makes it easy for you to access important worded information and handle it ourselves. The end result is a product that is easily accessible to all.

Production Consultancy

What sets every festival or event apart? It’s the larger than life production that goes behind it. From the backstage to the lights to the sets to everything that goes into making the event/festival a memorable experience; we have you covered.


Gaming is a sport that is never going to see a slump. So, we have put together a team of experts to create eGames that are ruling the market on the mobile and desktop platforms. These are games that are sure to satisfy the professionals and guide the amateurs. Complete with high fidelity sounds and electrifying visuals, you bet the gaming experience we put up is not going to disappoint.


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  • Isn’t TribeVibe supposed to be all about events?
    Ah, we waited for you on this one. TribeVibe is about taking your college experiences to the next level.
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