Name: Da Queen

Address: Ukraine

DOB: 1st January, 1970

Email ID: [email protected]

Roll Number: ART022

Class: EDM

Instructions: Entry of the Artist is only in College Festivals. Surrender an email to TribeVibe in case of booking the artist.


DJ Da Queen - real name Olga Korolova ,one of the best world female DJs from Kiev, Ukraine. Da Queen is a young and ambitious Dj. Many experts around the world are predicting her success. Her charisma and professional DJ skills is the main factors that will insure her long-term success in the scene. Her style, an explosive mixture of melodic progressive house and driving energetic electro house with elements of popular tracks, makes the audience dance from the beginning till the very end of her sets. In the past she had a grandiose dancing career with appearances all over the world, so she knows how to make people move and always dance with them during her performance, giving the mad energy to all people around. Da Queen is one of the TOP 10 DJanes in World. She is constantly on the road performing all over the world. So, far she has played in 70 countries, but this number keeps growing.


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