Name: Dual Vibes

Address: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

DOB: 19th February, 1994

Email ID: [email protected]

Roll Number: ART0033

Class: EDM

Instructions: Entry of the Artist is only in College Festivals. Surrender an email to TribeVibe in case of booking the artist


Dual vibes are an indian formidable duo formed in 2014, composed of two best friends vinay veliyat & vatsal doshi. They began to make their first step as dj's at a very young age. Very quickly they made several appearances in small clubs. In an explosive 12 months period, this indian duo has gone from relative unknown to one of the most happening & hottest duo's of ahmedabad, india. Their electrifying live combination of dj sets & crowd-busting micing has propelled them towards party freaks. Their mixes has also gained comprehensive support from the people worldwide. Their smooth shift over the different genres and compatibility during live performances makes them versatile. Their live performance, fusing style & mixing influences and attracts the attention of the crowd. The pairing of this deadly duo have also held down one of the most in-demand artists in various clubs and music festivals. Vinay veliyat among them has won various winning titles of the best dj. In 2016 he was entitled the “best and next generation dj of india "powered by umm india in association with submerge”.
This duo has shared the stage with artists such as sick individuals, jewelz & sparks, apek, raven & kreyn, tenashar, dj miki love, teri miko, nikhil chinapa, nucleya, zaeden, shaan, progressive brothers, kerano, zephyrtone, candice redding & many more. Their tracks have been supported and played by artist like r3spawn, club banditz, kevu, reggio, djs from mars, twiig, ang, wasback & many more. They have also performed at india’s biggest venues and music festivals such as sunburn, timeout-72 afterparty, dunes music festival, vh1 nye & many more.
Their first official track ‘timor’ in collaboration with indian dj/producer ‘prolectro’ was released on will sparks’s founded bourne recordings. They became the first indian dj producer along with prolectro to make a release on bourne recordings. As djs they are also dominating dance floors & festivals around the world. Each beat drop by this infectious duo is a sure shot of dance floor thrill.


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