TribeVibe Ft. Gajendra Verma at Ignisense, SIIB Pune

Date: Friday -10 January ,2020

Time: 09:00 pm

Venue: Symbiosis Institute of International Business

Location: PAN INDIA

Event Type: Bollywood

Description: Ignisense is the Annual flagship #cultural, #management and #sports #fest of #SIIB #Pune. The paragon of youth events, that captivates and binds more than 12,500+ youngsters at a time under the vibrant roof of #SIIB, is here once again to enchant and tantalize all the hearts. Ignisense has entertainment, fun integrated with awareness and responsibility, creating a holistic and magical environment making this event grand, extravagant and worthwhile.



10th January 2020 at 9 PM

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